Pratt Institute President Frances Bronet speaks with Pratt in Venice Diana Gisolfi about the work of 2018 participant, Xingze Li (photo: Joseph Kopta).

Pratt in Venice has had an exhilarating summer and fall preparing for the 34th annual Pratt in Venice exhibition! Unveiling the latest artwork by our students in Pratt Institute’s East Hall Gallery this past Monday, the opening reception was a whirlwind of celebration and excitement for the Pratt in Venice program. We were very proud to show our 2018 cohort’s fabulous accomplishments. Works on display included paintings, prints, mixed media, textile-based art, 3D modeling, glasswork, posters showcasing student art historical research—and even a hand-forged sword!

The night was a huge success! The opening reception was crowded and bustling with attendees, including Pratt Institute President Frances Bronet, numerous alumni/ae of the Pratt in Venice program, practicing artists, interested students, faculty, administrators, friends, family, and supporters.

The work this year was so strong that the exhibition has been extended to be open an additional week, until Friday, October 27th, so that more people can experience the pieces.

Be sure to swing by Pratt Institute and see the amazing artwork now on view in the East Hall Gallery. While you’re in the gallery, be sure to participate in our silent auction of select student work exclusively to benefit the Pratt in Venice Scholarship Fund!

Monique Rollins, Alumna of PIV, visits Venice in July!


Faculty and students with Monique at Santa Maria della Salute!

Back row from left to right: Michael Brennan (Painting Instructor), Penghui Zhang, Joseph Kopta (Art History Instructor), Michele Rushfeldt, Monique Rollins, Diana Gisolfi (Director and Professor of Materials and Techniques), Aomi Kikuchi, Chantal Kassarjian, Jenna Pasquino.

Middle Row: Thea Zwier, Christian Harding, Andrea Santos (Printmaking Instructor), Alessandra Levato, Skyler Elfeldt, Xingze Li.

Front row: Abby Staub, Kirsten Herman, Olivia Cranney, Drue Schwartz, Aubrey Roemer.

Pratt in Venice was honored to have a visit from an alumna of the program, Monique Rollins (PiV ‘04), back in July! During our class tour of the Baroque church, Santa Maria della Salute, Monique came by to say hello and revisit one of Venice’s most iconic monuments with us. Afterwards, she joined Diana Gisolfi, director of Pratt in Venice, for an aperitivo in order to catch up!

After Monique attended Pratt in Venice as a student in 2004, she returned to the program as Diana’s on-site assistant in 2007. In 2005, Monique graduated with an M.F.A. in Painting from Pratt Institute. She pursued her education further at Pratt, receiving an M.S. in History of Art and Design in 2006.  

Monique is now a successful artist, working between New York City and Florence, Italy. She recently had an exhibition in Beijing at the Zhu Naizheng Research Center of Art.

We love having visits from alumni of the program, especially in Venice!

Another group photo at the Baroque church of Santa Maria della Salute!


PiV Professor Chris Wright held solo show of paintings at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

PiV Professor Chris Wright held solo show of paintings at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Pratt in Venice professor of painting, Chris Wright, held a solo show of recent work at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in the Gateway National Recreation Area of the National Park Service.