"I learned to see a painting three-dimensionally: from the ground up to the surface – the prisms of color and light.” –Sergio Rossetti Morosini, 1992 & 1993

Painting in Venice

ART–590I, 2 or 3 credits

This course will involve studio work (outdoors as well as in), lectures, special projects, individual critiques and instruction, with particular emphasis on the interaction of light and color. Sketchbooks and journals will be required. There will be portfolio reviews in Venice, and work submitted for the Pratt in Venice Show will also be reviewed. The course will be supported by and integrated with courses in drawing/printmaking, art history, special studies and materials and techniques.

PRINTMAKING and Drawing in Venice

ART–591I, 2 or 3 credits

This course will consist of studio and site work, independent projects, field trips to use landscape as subject and group and individual critiques. At least six sessions will be devoted to expanding drawing concepts through printmaking using drypoint, collagraph, monotype and relief print techniques. The world-class print workshop of the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica near the Grand Canal is the location for this work. Individual development is stressed and a body of work comprised of drawings, prints, and notations, including a journal, will be submitted for the Annual Pratt in Venice show in Brooklyn in the Fall.

Art History of Venice

HA–590I, 3 credits

On-site study of mosaics, painting, architecture, and sculpture of Venice is the prime purpose of this course. Classes held on site will alternate with lectures and discussions that place material in its art historical context. Study of Ancient, Byzantine, and Gothic art in Venice will precede discussion of Renaissance art with its rich crosscurrents of influence from Byzantium, Northern Europe, and Central Italy. Technical innovations of Venetian Renaissance artists and later developments in the Baroque will be considered. Undergraduate students will carry out visually-based assignments including papers that analyze and compare art works in Venice. The Marciana Library will serve as a resource. Graduate students will be expected to carry out research on one aspect of Venetian art. See a sample syllabus for the course here.

Materials and Techniques of Venetian Art

HA–600I, 3 credits


This graduate course will explore in historical and practical terms the materials and techniques of Venetian art. Through our association with the Università Internazionale dell'Arte, participants will be able to visit restoration laboratories in Venice and learn from experts about old master techniques. The Cini Foundation Library with its full repertoire of periodicals in this field will be another important resource. Each student will choose a particular example to study and may experiment with the relevant materials or techniques in his/her own style under the direction of studio faculty. Research will be presented in the Pratt in Venice show in the fall.



A useful, non-credit Italian course will be offered in Venice at UIA for a small additional fee, payable upon arrival. Class will typically meet twice a week during the program. Students are asked to indicate their interest upon acceptance to the program in the spring.