Useful Italian words and Phrases (Parole e frasi utili italiani)


Fluency in Italian is not necessary to participate in the program, but some familiarity is highly encouraged.  Pratt’s Italian 101 and 102 courses in Brooklyn or equivalent introductory courses are highly recommended. We also recommend obtaining Michael Cagno's Rapid Italian for Students and Tourists (New York: Vanni Publishers). This book will be used during orientation sessions and in Venice. 

Being a Polite Global Citizen

It is important to remember that Venetians like to greet each other. When you walk into a store, a hotel, etc., it is courteous to say hello (buon giorno, or buona sera), thanks (grazie), and good-bye (ciao, buon giorno, buona sera). Permesso means excuse me in order to pass someone. Often around Venice, especially on the vaporetto, you will just hear “messo” which is the shortened version of the excuse me. People say permesso when they need others to move so they can get off at their vaporetto stop. 

Italian Course

A useful, non-credit Italian course will be offered in Venice at UIA for a small additional fee, payable upon arrival. Students are asked to indicate their interest upon acceptance to the program in the Spring.

Art Materials

Carta Paper 

Stampa Print 

Nero Black 

Bianco/a White 

Rosso Red 

Giallo Yellow 

Azzurro Blue 

Verde Green 

Disegno Drawing 

Incisione Engraving 

Inchiostro Ink 

Gesso Gesso, Chalk 

Gesso Nero Black chalk 

Gesso Rosso Red chalk 

Biacca Lead white 

Leno Linen 

Tela Canvas 

Pittura Painting 

Quadro Picture 

Affresco Fresco 

Legno Wood 

Rame Copper 

Mosaico Mosaic 

Marmo Marble 

Pietra Stone 

Incisione su legno Woodcut 

The Basics

Good morning Buon giorno 

Good afternoon/evening Buona sera 

Good night Buona notte 

Hi/bye (informal) Ciao 

Hello Salve 

Goodbye Arrivederci, Addio 

Yes/no Si/no 

Please Per favore or per piacere 

Thank you (very much) Grazie (mille grazie) 

You’re welcome Prego, di nulla 

Alright/very well Va bene 

How are you? Come stai/sta? (informal/formal) 

Fine Bene 

Do you speak English? Parla inglese? 

I didn’t understand Non ho capito 

I’m sorry… Mi dispiace 

I’m here to study Sono qui per studiare 

I’m American Sono americano/americana (m/f) 

I live in… Abito a...

Today/Tomorrow Oggi/Domani 

Yesterday Ieri 

Now/Later Adesso/ Più tardi 

Wait a minute! Aspetta! 

In the morning Di mattina 

In the afternoon Nel pomeriggio 

In the evening Di sera 

Here/there Qui/La 

Good/bad Buono/cattivo 

Big/small Grande/piccolo 

Cheap/expensive Economico/caro 

Early/Late Presto/tardi

Hot/cold Caldo/freddo 

Near/far Vicino/lontano 

Vacant/occupied Libero/occupato 

Quickly/slowly Velocemente/lentamente 

Slowly/quietly Piano 

With/without Con/senza 

More/less Più/meno 

Enough, no more Basta 

Mr. Signo 

Mrs. Signora 

Miss Signorina 

Man/Men Uomo/uomini 

Woman/Women Donna/donne 

Toilet Gabinetto 

Bathroom/W.C. Bagno 

Danger Pericolo 

Don’t Touch Non toccare 

Welcome Benvenuti 

Watch out! Attenzione! 

Where? Dove? 

Where is? Dov’è? 

Here is Ecco