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A Special Message From the Director

Dear Friends of Pratt in Venice,

I am writing to ask your help for the Pratt in Venice Scholarship Fund. There are always well-qualified students who are eager to participate, but need a hand. Your contributions really make the difference, and they are tax deductible!

I hope you are checking the latest news here on our website. The most recent post shows the 2015 exhibition, which some of you attended. Our 2015 group of painters was highly productive, and the installation curated by Greg Drasler and Grayson Cox was impressive.

The 2015 Venice Biennale was attended, critiqued and enjoyed in its various sites and venues by students and faculty alike. Joe Kopta led the Torcello trip and also the optional Ravenna Saturday trip, both highly appreciated.  Our guest lecture list was particularly rich this year.  Sarah McHam of Rutgers spoke on the exterior sculptures at the Doge’s Palace, Tracy Cooper shared her expertise on Palladio at San Giorgio and the Redentore. Antonio Stevan again hosted our group on the early morning visit to the Giotto Chapel in Padua and joined up for a cappuccino, and then Joe and I brought the group to the Eremitani, and the various venues at the Santo.  Paolo Spezzani revealed the changes and underdrawings in Venetian painting via his trove of infrared, ultraviolet, and X-ray images. Our colleague Frima Hofrichter joined us and lectured at the Salute.

Materials and Techniques students learned about mosaic techniques from maestro Baggio at San Marco and from Luca Chiesura at the Orsoni factory. We mounted the scaffold surrounding the organ in the church of San Sebastiano and learned from Egidio Arlango about what the conservation team was discovering, including changes to the pipes, the decorations, and the painted surface over centuries.

Of course our traditional villa trip took place: Castelfranco, Villa Emo, Villa Barbaro at Maser, rustic midday meal with Gigi and Luisa in the hills above Bassano, and finally our walk across the Brenta River on Palladio's bridge. This time our rustic meal concluded with singing and guitars, and Greg's and Nancy's little dog Chips and Grayson's and Hollis's little daughter Winnie won everyone's heart.

As I write this, I realize how rich the program is and how much it can mean to a student. What scholarship funds we have go to students who could not otherwise enjoy this opportunity, and they are always grateful.

Please contribute any amount you can to helping a student participate.


With all good wishes and a presto,

Diana Gisolfi, Director of Pratt in Venice

American Embassy in Beijing Features Exhibition by PiV Alumna Monique Rollins

American Embassy in Beijing Features Exhibition by PiV Alumna Monique Rollins

Beijing Memory: Nostalgia Paintings, a solo exhibition of paintings by PiV alumna and former program assistant Monique Rollins (M.S. History of Art and Design ’ 06; M.F.A. Fine Arts ’04) is on display at the American Embassy in Beijing through the end of November.