Professor Gisolfi Participates in Prestigious Tintoretto Conference


Prof. Gisolfi teaches students in front of Jacopo Tintoretto’s Last Supper (1579–80), now located in the sacristy of S. Stefano, Venice (photo: Joseph Kopta).


Pratt in Venice director Diana Gisolfi recently participated in the Giornate di Studio per i 500 anni dalla nascita di Tintoretto. The intense, three-day conference in Venice was organized by Amalia Basso of the Soprintendenza, and included findings of conservationists on Tintoretto's methods and materials. Prof. Gisolfi's paper was titled “Jacopo and Domenico Tintoretto nella Scuola dei Mercanti,” an effort to assess their roles in the dismantled program of decoration. The papers were delivered at the Doge's Palace on November 8–9. On November 10, scholars visited the Archivio di Stato, where Tintoretto documents were laid out on tables for study, and curators led conference participants through the Tintoretto exhibitions at the Accademia and the Doge's Palace.

Tintoretto 500 celebrates the 500th anniversary of the birth of Venetian artist, Jacopo Tintoretto (1518–1594). Exhibitions in Venice and the United States include Tintoretto: Artist of Renaissance Venice at the Palazzo Ducale, Venice, traveling to the National Gallery of Art, Washington, in 2019; Il Giovane Tintoretto at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice; Celebrating Tintoretto: Portrait Paintings and Studio Drawings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; and Drawing in Tintoretto’s Venice at the Morgan Library and Museum, New York, traveling to the National Gallery of Art, Washington, in 2019.