Graduate Experience, 2017


Daisy Tainton
Graduate Student - Library and Information Science
Art History Course Assistant
Pratt in Venice 2017

Pratt in Venice was like a backstage pass to some wonderful places in Venice and the surrounding area. From the mosaic workshop at the basilica of San Marco to the restoration lab at UIA, we were able to access work spaces and watch conservators handle delicate works of art. The classes were informative and helped me appreciate what I was seeing, and gave me background for all my own excursions. Almost every single day, I went to churches, museums, and galleries, and as time went on, I got to know the area pretty well. Thanks to the courses and readings I deepened my appreciation for what I was seeing. Pratt's courses enriched my experience in ways that I see as invaluable and ongoing. I would recommend this program to virtually anyone with the caveat that you get out of a thing what you are willing to put into it: take advantage of your time and make the most of this opportunity, and you will take with you something priceless.