Undergraduate Experience, 2017


Evy Barnett
Undergraduate Student - Graphic Design
Pratt in Venice 2017

The Pratt in Venice experience was one I will never forget! Overall I found the experience enjoyable, fun, and challenging. The classes I took--Art History of Venice and Printmaking--were incredible and I found that taking these classes in Venice was such a fantastic opportunity. For example, the art history classes were on site: we had just two classes in the classroom the whole time, which is a great way to immerse yourself in the art. Printmaking was great because, while I’ve never taken a printmaking class before, I felt I was always provided with the tools and techniques to accomplish the ideas I had. Although I did not officially enroll in the painting course, I attended almost every class and I felt that practicing painting in Venice was another great way to experience the environment around me. I definitely felt like I was not only challenged by my professors, but also by my fellow students. The group as a whole was definitely invested in our studies and I think that pushed me farther in my work. At the end of it all, I’m really satisfied with the work I’ve produced and what I’ve learned!