Pratt in Venice Scholarship Fund

Dear Friends of Pratt in Venice, 

Pratt in Venice is in serious need of scholarship monies. Our fall auction of student work  yielded $1,295 and we are grateful for this. Our appeal letter sent in November brought in another $700 so far. The cost for a student to participate is now (due to increases in tuition) circa $12,000. Some student loans cannot be used for summer programs. We dearly wish to be able to fund gifted and deserving students and allow them the opportunity to participate. 

It is our experience that in recent years the one or two students whom we have been able to fund for about half of the cost have been among the students who derived the fullest benefit from the program.

Please contribute whatever you can to the Pratt in Venice Scholarship Fund. Your gift will be tremendously appreciated, and it is tax deductible!

With all good wishes and a presto,

Diana Gisolfi, Director of Pratt in Venice