Graduate Student Experience, 2015

Fine Arts Graduate Student | Painting Course Assistant

Painting in Venice was a surreal experience. With UIA's ideal location at the water's edge, its impressively beautiful building, a travel catalogue view from the studio, and the most amazing and accommodating caretaker, Massimo, my experience as a graduate painting student and assistant was beyond incredible. 

Panoramic view of the painting studio at UIA. (photo: Alexandra Price)

Professor Greg Drasler's constant encouragement and constructive individual talks with students made these short six weeks a phenomenal learning experience. The course also opened up new horizons for me as an artist, as I was constantly surrounded and inspired by art and architecture ranging from the Renaissance to highly contemporary art at the Venice Biennale.  

Although this course did not focus on technique, Venice was a great place to get familiar with the materials and techniques of the masters on one's own. With fully-stocked art and stationary stores and professional artist stores offering leather and other products specially made for painters, one has no trouble finding the right medium to start. Venice has so much to offer, especially for artists, that six weeks surely do not feel long enough!

Pigments in a shop window. (photo: Jessica Jones)